Install MP3 Players

17 January 2006 Fedora Core ships without any form of MP3 playback. In order to add MP3 playback you must install from a 3rd party. The following requires the use of the Livna repository and Fedora Extras.
XMMS: simple, older GUI, minimalistic features (but still popular)
  • Installation, yum users:
    [mirandam@charon ~]$ sudo yum install xmms xmms-mp3
  • Installation, manual (users without yum) (create a directory and download the following):
    Obtain xmms, xmms-libs, glib and gtk+ from Fedora Extras:
    Obtain xmms-mp3 package from Livna:
    Total required packages, about 3MB: xmms, xmms-libs, xmms-mp3, glib, gtk+. Go the download directory and install:
    [mirandam@charon downloads]$ sudo rpm -ivh xmms* glib* gtk+*
    (Note, you should have mikmod installed from the Individual Package Selection, also on your CD’s/DVD)
  • Plugin settings: Options > Preferences >
    Audio I/O Plugins > Input Plugins
    Disable: MPEG Layer 1/2/3 Placeholder Plugin []
    ==> UNCHECK [ ] Enable Plugin
  • More detailed instructions from Fedora Core 5 Guide
Audacious: (A fork of Beep Media Player – BMP). XMMS rebuilt to be a little bit more modern. Still basic but much better than XMMS.
  • Installation, yum users:
    [mirandam@charon ~]$ sudo yum install audacious audacious-plugins-nonfree*
    NOTE: There is a '*' at the end.
    NOTE: Installing Audacious will replace BMP (if you have it installed). Attempting to install BMP will actually install Audacious.
  • Installation, manual (users without yum:
    • Create a temporary directory (audacious) and download the following. Total required packages, about 2.7MB.
    • Download audacious, audacious-libs, audacious-plugins, libbinio, libmpcdec, libsidplay, lirc, and taglib from Fedora Extras
    • Download the latest versions of audacious-plugins-nonfree-aac, audacious-plugins-nonfree-alac, audacious-plugins-nonfree-mp3, audacious-plugins-nonfree-wma from Livna:
    • Go to the directory and install everything at the same time:
      [mirandam@charon downloads]$ cd audacious
      [mirandam@charon audacious]$ sudo rpm -ivh *
  • Note: You cannot run Audacious and XMMS at the same time.
Rythmbox/Gstreamer – A simple audio application similar to iTunes layout.
  • Most of Rythmbox and the Gstreamer system should be installed when installing Gnome (mentioned above). The missing components are just the MP3 (and other media) plugins.
  • For yum users:
    [mirandam@charon ~]$ sudo yum install gstreamer-plugins-ugly
  • Installation, manual (users without yum):
    • Create a temporary directory (gstreamer) and download the following. Total required packages, about 1MB (if you already have Gnome installed).
    • Download libdvdread, libid3tag, and libsidplay from Fedora Extras
    • Download the latest versions of gstreamer-plugins-ugly, a52dec, lame-libs, libmad and mpeg2dec from Livna:
    • Go to the directory and install everything at the same time:
      [mirandam@charon downloads]$ cd gstreamer
      [mirandam@charon gstreamer]$ sudo rpm -ivh *
Amarok – A modern feature rich media player application.
  • It is helpful to have KDE installed first (mentioned above).
  • Installation, yum:
    [mirandam@charon ~]$ sudo yum install amarok amarok-extras-nonfree
  • Users without yum: The dependancies for Amarok have changed since FC6 was released and with over 30MB in downloads, I do not recommend installing manually. (Please contact me if you require further assistance).
  • Amarok Engine: Amarok requires you to select an “engine” which can play different media. The current support engines are Xine/Gstreamer and RealPlayer/HelixPlayer. If you installed the gstreamer-plugins-ugly or amarok-extras-nonfree the Xine engine will be default. (Recommended)
  • If you require the RealPlayer engine (or the Xine engine will not work), first install Realplayer and make the following changes: Goto:
    Settings > Configure Amarok… > Engine
    Make the following changes: 
    Sound System: Helix Engine   (hit Apply, then the following edits:)
    Helix/Realplay core directory:     /usr/local/RealPlayer/common
    Helix/Realplay plugins directory:  /usr/local/RealPlayer/plugins
    Helix/Realplay codecs directory:   /usr/local/RealPlayer/codecs
    Output plugin:                     alsa
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Install Microsoft Truetype Fonts

8 October 2006

NOTE: Fedora 8 users, please read the Fedora 8 Guide.
You have to make the RPM using the above site. For convenience I have created the RPM (please do not link directly to this file):
[mirandam@charon ~]$ sudo rpm -ivh msttcorefonts-2.0-1.noarch.rpm
[mirandam@charon ~]$ sudo /etc/init.d/xfs restart
Restarting xfs may not be necessary. Many programs need only to be restarted. Some older applications, may require you to log out of Gnome or KDE and log back in (reboot NOT required).
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