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17 January 2007 The Macromedia(Adobe) Flash plugin is can be installed either from Adobe’s website or the Macromedia Flash Linux repository (recommended). Please note the plugin will not work directly on 64-bit browsers without some re-configuration.
For yum users:
Install the macromedia.repo file to your repositories, and install through yum:
[mirandam@charon downloads]$ wget
[mirandam@charon downloads]$ sudo cp macromedia-i386.repo /etc/yum.repos.d/

[mirandam@charon downloads]$ sudo rpm --import
[mirandam@charon downloads]$ sudo yum install flash-plugin
For manual installation (users without yum):
Go to and pick a mirror (USA, Europe). The current version is:
Current Version: (01/17/2007)
RPM Version: (01/17/2007)

Fedora Core flash-plugin (apt, yum rpm)
and save the RPM file to disk: flash-plugin-
[mirandam@charon downloads]$ sudo rpm -ivh flash-plugin-
NOTE: The Flash 9 Release Notes state that only GTK2 based Mozilla browsers (Firefox, Mozilla, Seamonkey) are supported and that other browsers may have stability issues.
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